TE Headquarters Delivers Unbiased Traffic Reports

TEHQTE Headquarters delivers unbiased traffic reports which are sort-able and easy to understand. Upgraded members get traffic reports which are easy to read and are not dependent on member voting or using specific tracker links. These are pure and clean stats which tell members exactly where the traffic, clicks and referrals are coming from which are bringing new members in to TE Headquarters. The information below should help explain exactly what your are getting with the TE Headquarters Traffic Reports.

Sort By Hits

This stat shows which site is delivering the most hits to the TE Headquarters splash pages. If you are interested in percentages, you can divide the hits delivered by clicks or signups to find out the exact number of hits it takes to achieve each one. You will find the sites which are able to deliver larger amounts of traffic quickly using this stat. But remember, to check the clicks and sign ups, as well. Delivering large amounts of traffic does not always mean results for the affiliate.


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Sort By Clicks

This stat shows which sites are delivering clicks to the TE Headquarters splash pages or banners in rotation at that specific exchange. Again, if you want to know the percentage of how many hits it takes to receive a click, divide the hits delivered by clicks received. It is important information to know the exchanges which are delivering actionable results.


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Sort by Signups

This stat shows which sites are delivering signups to TE Headquarters from splash pages and banners in rotation. This is probably the most important stat available. Again, you can figure the percentage of how many hits it takes to receive a sign up by dividing theĀ  hits delivered by signups received. Now that is VERY VALUABLE INFORMATION! We all want to know where the signups are coming from so we can increase our advertising results.

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You can sort the traffic report stats by clicking on the arrow of the column you want to sort. It will then sort the stats from most to least or least to most, whichever way you prefer to view them. It’s important to know that the statistics are reset every month so you get up to date information. Currently the traffic report is showing stats from 600 different traffic sources.

We feel providing TE Headquarters members with unbiased traffic reports is one of the most valuable features we can offer our Upgraded Members.


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