Traffic Exchanges

Traffic exchanges are membership sites that receive website submissions from advertisers that join the traffic exchange network.  The person who submits a website then has the ability to browse other member’s ads at the site to earn credits, which enable their ads to be viewed by other members through the surf system.  This “exchange” of traffic increases the number of visitors to all the sites involved.

Manual traffic exchanges require the viewer or “surfer” to keep the advertisement open for a set time.  This set time could be 1 second to 60 seconds.  After viewing the ad, the surfer is then required to take an action to confirm they have viewed the page.  This action is normally clicking a corresponding image or answering a captcha.

You can earn advertising credits through viewing other members advertisements.  How many credits you earn varies from site to site and with your membership level at each traffic exchange. If you don’t have time to surf for credits, then most traffic exchanges give you the option of purchasing ad credits.

In practice, traffic exchange programs are generally used by small business owners or affiliate marketers who either want free advertising or use the traffic exchange membership sites for low-budget advertising campaigns.  If you are new at internet marketing or if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on advertising, then traffic exchanges are a good choice. Even experienced marketers use these membership sites to bring traffic to their ad pages or websites.

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