What Makes A Good Ad?

While building your online business, how can you determine What Makes A Good Ad? What appeals to one, may not appeal to others. The one ultimate Goal you want to achieve when creating your Advertising is to get the viewers to STOP and LOOK at your Ad. I imagine a little kid jumping up and down saying “Look at me, Look at me”. How can you create an Ad that will make viewers STOP and LOOK.


This is a simple, yet effective, way to get viewers to Stop and Look!


Not everyone has the same funny bone, but if you can tickle it, you have made an Ad which will get the viewer to Stop and Look.

The Awe Factor

Another sure way to get the viewer to Stop and Look, create an Ad with the Awe Factor.

Creating Ads for your product is an essential part of building your online business. Above you will find 3 techniques which can be used to get the viewer to STOP and LOOK at your Ads. Which is your favorite?

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The Building Downlines Debate

Over the last week we have been having a nice debate, in the LFM Mentor Main Skype Room, over the benefit or non-benefit of building downlines in other traffic sites. It is always great to get view points from other people who work in the same industry. As with building any business, there is more than one way to do it. This doesn’t mean one way is right or wrong, it just means use what works for you.

Pro Downlines

Jolynn and I have always been PRO Downline Builders! It’s funny how we have evolved over the years but this one concept has remained in our business building plan. We want to build downlines in other sites. There are a few stand out reasons for this and these are the ones we will discuss below.

Reason 1: Building affiliate income. We love receiving those emails which say, You have just earned a commission at Site XXX.  As an owner, of course, we would rather the customer be spending money at one of our sites. But, if they are not, then we certainly want to get a percentage of the money they are spending in commissions. When you are gathering up extra money in commissions, this makes your bottom line stronger. This gives you some extra advertising power. For example, there are many times when we turn that money into advertising at that traffic site. If we are receiving commission emails, then we know the site has an active and spending membership. We definitely want to get our ads in front of those members.

Reason 2: Bonus Advertising. Many traffic sites give a percentage of advertising to the sponsor if they have an active referral. If you get a few active referrals underneath you, then this can mean thousands of bonus impressions for your ads. Let’s say you have 10 active referrals who surf 100 sites per day. That totals 1000. If these are all free members surfing at a 2:1 ratio. These surfers have earned 500 ad credits for themselves. If you are receiving 10% bonus from your referrals, then you earned 50 ad credits for your own ads. If they keep up this activity for the month, then 50×30= 1500 bonus ad credits for you, all because you built your downline in that traffic site. Can you imagine the bonus advertising you can receive if you build your downlines in 10 traffic sites, 20 traffic sites or more? Get the picture? That’s thousand of bonus ads to help you build your business.

Reason 3: Good Networking. Networking is part of the business building process. If you are an active networker who is building downlines in other owners sites, then, in most cases, the other owners will reciprocate by attempting to build downlines in your site. Now, please don’t EXPECT this, but if it does happen, then you are getting added exposure to your traffic site. That’s what I call a Win – Win!

Con Downlines

Those who are not actively attempting to build downlines have one main point. That point is this: If I am going to spend money on advertising, then I’m going to be advertising my traffic site. This is a very VALID point. I mean, after all, your main focus should be building your own site. If it isn’t, then you shouldn’t be an owner at all.

As a Pro Downline counter point, I will say that we spend 90-95% of purchased advertising on our own sites. It is a very rare occasion when we set out to purchase advertising for a traffic site other than our own. Yet, we are still building dowlines in other traffic places. How you may ask? Well, it’s called back door advertising. We get them in our traffic sites, then we show them places we recommend. It’s all part of the circle of advertising.

We would love to hear your point of view on this topic, please comment below.

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