Things Are Looking Up In Online Advertising

Things are looking up in the online advertising industry. It looks like the time for a gloom and doom attitude are over. Many site owners left with a quick abandonment during, what I like to call, the Paypal fiasco of 2017. I mean who could blame them when one giant payment processor quickly eliminated 95% of your income with one quick remove our buttons demand. But, I regress, that is old business and the future is, once again, looking quite bright.

For those owners who stuck it out. KUDOS TO YOU! You have my respect for scrambling to keep your site or sites alive. You have my respect for developing other ways to receive payments and other ways to bring in online income. You have my respect for caring about your members enough to keep your site online.

If you were resilient enough to make it through, I hope you are richly rewarded by sales and commissions. Not only have we started seeing the JAC Traffic sites sales continue to pick up, we are starting to get those important “You just made a Commission” emails from other sites in the industry. This means other owners are making sales, too.

And, with the recent launch of Tezzer Mail, we felt an advertising excitement which hasn’t been felt in quite some time. And,  just look at the Top Producers affiliate income over the first week, from the Tezzer Mail launch:

1. 703.38

2 .382.59

3.  375.86

4. 296.05

5. 289.62

6. 287.32

7. 230.84

8. 94.90 9

9. 182.38

10. 173.27

11. 162.42

12. 149.29

13. 125.29

14. 116.89

15. 99.57

Those numbers above are income created by promoting a product for just one week! That is some fantastic extra income for any affiliate.

Things are definitely looking up in the online advertising world. The Great Owners who stuck it out are starting to see improved sales. Affiliate commissions are on the rise. As the old saying goes…. good things come to those who work hard and persevere. (Okay, I just made that one up, but you get the idea.)

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The Numbers Don’t Lie

The recent launch of Tezzer Mail has induced a debate about joining a site during a launch. Some think the inflated activity will not last. Others think the launch activity is the best time to advertise at a site. Personally, I believe both of these things are true. The obvious inflated activity during a big promotional push will not last but the activity a new launch brings is a great time to get your ads in front of these joining members. And, the bottom line is this: The Numbers Don’t Lie…..

I will get to those numbers in a minute but first I want to describe the recent events of the Tezzer Mail launch. Imagine two big names in the advertising industry teaming up to launch a new advertising site. This is exactly what happened when Tony Tezak, a legend in the traffic exchange industry, and Robert Puddy, the co-owner of the LFM software, teamed up to launch a new advertising site. Tezzer Mail was born. Then, imagine those two guys using their contacts to bring together a launch team. Yep, you got it. There was excitement created in the advertising industry.

We are almost to those numbers……

Now, you may think to yourself, well I missed the launch day so there is no point in joining now. Sweet. I hope you continue to think that way. I mean Tony Tezak built a traffic exchange with over 100k members so the fact that there are 1100 members in his new advertising site probably means the site is done growing. At least, I hope you think that way and leave the remaining 98,900 prospective new referrals to us. 🙂

One more point before the truth in numbers……

There is no doubt activity is high when a site first launches. This launch buzz can last for days, weeks, or months. Active members who are opening their pocket books and entering a new advertising site are the EXACT members I want to see my ads. I want to get all the JAC Traffic sites ads in their faces as soon as possible. Activity means sales and sign ups!

Drum Roll Please………

The numbers don’t lie. In 2 & 1/2 days since the launching of Tezzer Mail, 41% of those joining as our referrals have spent money. Let me repeat that: 41% of our referrals have spent money since they joined Tezzer Mail. Maybe these two advertising legends do know a little thing or two about how to create a successful sales page.

Hey, you don’t want to join and promote, that is A-Okay with us! But, you should definitely join and get your ads in front of those active members who are eager to spend money. Well, that is just my opinion.

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