2017 Is The Year of Change For Online Advertising

2017 is proving to be the “The Year of Change For Online Advertising”. Noted some of these changes were forced by a certain payment processor, which will not be named. (Let’s call it X-pay) But, learning to not depend on one payment processor has been a valuable lesson for us all. This one event has brought about so many other changes. There have been new alliances formed. There have been old alliances broken. There have been many sites close their doors. There have been other owners expanding the sites they own. There are completely new sites opening, not nearly as many as in the past but still some brave new folks stepping up to be owners in this industry. Some owners who closed their doors are already back with another site. They must have missed this industry we all love so much. Some owners have stopped paying commissions in an attempt to salvage their X-pay account. Other owners will follow this bold move. In the last two months, there have been more changes than I have been able to keep up with on a daily basis. I’m sure I’ve missed mentioning some of them.

Change Is Good

For me, a lot of these changes have been good and here are some reasons why.

For us, we have been forced to go back to the marketing basics. Back to the fundamentals of creating solid advertising resources. Back to building our advertising sites and not building some other owner’s program for them. We are concentrating on our vision of creating a JAC Traffic Hub of advertising and building it strong for the future.

Next, the closing of many sites has thinned out the field, as they say. The variety of sites which closed are from small memberships to some with very large memberships. If one of these was your favorite site, I’m sorry for your loss but now you can find an even better place to spend your time and your advertising dollars. If a site is still around, then you know you have a dedicated owner who is building toward the future. Someone you can feel confident in taking a year’s upgrade and knowing the site will still be here in a year. So, the thinning of the field is a very good change.

Change has caused creativity. Look around at the sites who have made major changes in the last two months. I’m not talking about just changing the Terms of Service. I’m talking about making investments in their business. Sites which are making changes which will strengthen the core of their business for the future. These are the sites I want to recommend to our list for advertising purposes.

While we can not expect all changes to be perfect, we can applaud those owners who are making changes and keeping their members informed.

No one knows how all the changes are going to affect the online advertising industry. All we do know is these are exciting times and 2017 Is The Year of Change For Online Advertising.

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