Promote You First!

If you want to grow your online business, then Promote You First! Sounds easy doesn’t it? But, I have seen it time after time, (I’m even guilty of doing it myself) people promote other businesses before their own. Your main goal as an affiliate or site owner is to promote YOU!

As An Affiliate

If you are an affiliate marketer, then you should be growing your list. You should be capturing people’s emails and keeping in touch with those on your list with your recommendations, your insights, and your knowledge about growing an online business. Many people think it’s too hard. Or, I don’t know what to say to people on my list. Stop thinking too much. They are people just like you. Just talk to them. Give them tips about hot or growing sites. Let them know your all time favorite old time advertising venues. The important thing is to have a list. It doesn’t take thousands of names on a list to succeed, it only takes a few dozen committed followers who are in the same mind set you are as a marketer. Together you can accomplish great things and grow your businesses stronger.

As An Owner

What are you promoting inside your affiliate tools? Are you promoting your site or are you promoting a dozen other sites trying to induce folks to join your site for the wrong reasons? Guilty As Charged! Yep, we have done it. Lesson learned. Your goal and promise to your members it to grow your site by capturing the best new members possible. Stop promoting XYZ on your affiliate tools. Make your affiliate tools ABOUT YOUR SITE! Once you have gained new members, you can do all the back-side promotions inside your site. As a matter of fact, promote like crazy inside your own site. That is a HUGE part of being and owner is growing your personal downlines at other places. But, the first goal you MUST have is to grow your own site. Get those folks to join your site then you can introduce them to quality programs which may compliment your advertising venue.

In conclusion, it’s really quite simple: Promote You First!

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14 Responses to Promote You First!

  1. G.Sharavanan says:

    Great Post on Promoting Ourself first Cathy which I am doing of lately.It gives massive results than promoting random stuffs which I do not own :).

    List Building I have started it but its a long way to go Cathy but doing those two stuffs daily can takes us to leaps and heights in little time which I am seeing it in action now.

  2. That’s great! It’s awesome to see the little steps you take make big steps in your business. Congrats!

  3. Great information Cathy.

    We are all guilty of this in one way or another.

    It would be nice if people would actually listen to this advice. Sometimes it’s a hard lesson to learn because we humans are creatures of habit. Unfortunately some of those habits can be bad ones.

    Thanks for talking about how affiliate marketers can promote themselves first as well. That was some excellent advice.

  4. I was guilty of not promoting myself – or my site at least when I first started by using a mod that showed other sites in the downline builder if the person viewing the page was already a member of my site. What I didn’t realise was that others get confused about why you are promoting other peoples products and not your own. I recall you telling me Cathy when I first starting the LFMTE mentor course that you were not aware I was the owner! It was a very valuable lesson for me to learn!

    • Leone- We have all made little mistakes along the way. Trust me we have made a lot of them. Perfect example of a little thing which can be a big thing.
      Thanks for sharing your “ah-ha” moment.

  5. Jon Olson says:

    Oh boy, did you hit the nail on the head with these points.

    Pretty much the most important things both affiliates and owners can do while promoting.

    Must read for anyone new to this business. It’ll save them time, effort and money!

  6. Thank you Cathy,
    This is a lesson that is taught over and over. People don’t seem to hear it though. So it is worth repeating. Promote “you” first.

  7. Great Post Catherine

    It seems to take a little time to get over the whole idea of promoting yourself first, but once you do, things start to shift. I know it took me awhile to get to that point. I’m not sure how to move people there faster, but it made a big difference for me.


  8. Love this post.

    Imagine the power ( and profit) of learnng to promote you first
    without using push sell techniques.

    Hi, I am ….
    – your sponsor
    – a serious marketer
    – someone you can feel safe to talk to.
    – a pro-active membrer of xxxxx who loves helping people

    I picked that list up from what you posted ‘As An Affiliate’

    You are right. It is not hard – just do it!

  9. Thanks Fran.
    We all get a little lost sometimes. But, it really isn’t hard.

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