Marketing Alliances – Do They Work Or Fail?

It’s been awhile since my last blog post. My last post was back in March of this year. What’s ironic is the title of that last post: “Alliance Marketing Should Be For Everyone“. It’s ironic because I felt compelled to write this post because of recent site closings. Sites where we had hundreds of downline members from promoting as an alliance. Sites which we helped build and promote for years. I will admit, when this happens, it feels like a kick in the gut. It feels we put our alliance in the wrong direction. So, that brings about this question: “Marketing Alliances – Do They Work Or Fail?”

Do They Work?

Yes. I still believe marketing alliances work. By continually promoting sites, we were able to build large downlines in those sites. We were able to get back door advertising from those alliances to help build our own JAC Traffic Products. This is a low cost way to spread advertising to other places. We were able to earn affiliate commissions from a variety of places. This affiliate income helps to increase the cash flow each month.

Do They Fail?

Yes. When you have spent years promoting an affiliate program and find you have lost your downlines, there is an empty pit in your affiliate income, as well as your stomach. It is a horrible feeling to have hundreds of referrals and realize they are just gone. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict the future. What was once a stable site can be gone in an instant due to life’s circumstances. There could be illness or disasters. The truth is we can not predict the future. We can only complete our due diligence and hope for the best. Even then, sometimes LIFE has other plans.

The Bottom Line…….

Marketing Alliance work. I have seen it. I have been apart of it. When you promote as an alliance you can expect to build your downlines which will earn you affiliate income. You can expect a good alliance member to promote your site and help it grow. These are two things which can not be taken away: past earned affiliate income and new members to your own site.

In today’s times, I would recommend building a larger circle of promoting alliance members. Spread your promoting alliance to a variety of places and venues. Use your valuable advertising spaces to grow several large downlines. And remember, No matter what happens in life, you can only control your own sites destiny.

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9 Responses to Marketing Alliances – Do They Work Or Fail?

  1. Jon Olson says:

    That’s an interesting concept, thanks for sharing. Never thought of promoting something ‘together’. Pretty cool idea.

    But like you said…Seeing these downlines just disappear has been…Troubling. Lost over 130,000 in EasyHits4U last month without any warning.

    Sucks, but we keep on, keeping on 🙂

  2. Cathy, I’m a Man of Many Words.

    All I can say is WOW!

  3. Yes I believe that they do work, it is just unfortunate when downlines producing regular income disappear overnight. That is why we all must keep looking for new income streams….

  4. Great post and agree that alliances do work but also know the feeling when one that you have supported just vanished – it is like a kick in the gut. You are so right the bottom line is that you can only control your site and your list – this is why it’s so important to build YOUR list.

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