It’s Smart To Earn More Marketing Power

Marketing online requires time or money. If you are investing your time, then it’s smart to earn more marketing power. If you are surfing for your marketing credits, then you should earn the max possible. With the addition of Commando Surfing to both JAC Traffic Products traffic exchanges, you now have the ability to earn more with every click. This means you have the opportunity to earn a Minimum of 10% Bonus credits and a Maximum of 100% bonus credits for doing the SAME amount of work.

What Is Commando Surf?

Commando Surf is a bonus surfing program offered by TE Command Post. You must be a member of TE Command Post to participate and earn more credits while you are surfing. Think of TE Command Post as your home base for earning bonus credits. Once you have synced your Command Post one time, you are set for a life full of earning bonus surfing credits. The key to Commando Surfing is surfing the 2 Core Exchanges. These 2 exchanges are Traffic Splash and Tezak Traffic Power. (If you are not already a member of these two MONSTER traffic exchanges, you need to join immediately.)

Once you are synced and a member of the 2 core exchanges, login to your TE Command Post account and click on the Commando Surf tab in the menu. Then Click on “Go Commando” link on the page. TE Command Post will help you link to the Core Sites and the current featured Strike Force sites. You are not required to surf the Strike Force but can choose from any of the permanent Commando Surf Sites you are wanting to surf and earn bonus advertising credits. Currently there are 11 permanent Commando Surf Sites to choose from on a daily basis. This includes Hot Flash Hits and Splash-Wave. Just imagine the marketing power this will give your online advertising campaigns.

The smartest marketers earn the most with the least amount of effort. Be a smart marketer and Go Commando when it’s time to surf for credits.

Commando Surf

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8 Responses to It’s Smart To Earn More Marketing Power

  1. Paul Kinder says:

    wise words indeed. Though I may be slightly biased as the co-creator of both TE Command Post and Super Surf, the fore-runner of Commando Surf, plus Commando Surf itself!

    Still, I can’t imagine how anybody could possibly disagree with a single word you’ve said, great advice.

    I’m so pleased you decided to join us in Commando Surf. Great to have both your exchanges Going Commando!

    Love that new Commando Surf splash page. Jamison Raymond is a star designer!

  2. I love surfing commando now that the core sites are TTP & Traffic Splash. Adding my favourite sites like HFH & SW is just part of my normal surfing routine so now I’m getting so much more for my surfing time and I love that. Congratulations Cathy & Jo for getting Splashwave added… I can really see TECP becoming a powerhouse again.

    • I agree Leone, now that there are only 2 core sites, Commando Surfing is a must for normal surfers. You gotta have your ads at these 2 core sites and now you can get bonus credits at some other great exchanges.
      More coming soon….. 😉

  3. Ruben Freitas says:

    Ms, Catherine White, I am very pleased now that both sites are part of the TECP, because so I can now increase my daily earnings to promote my campaigns. 🙂

  4. Love Commando Surfing and its great to have Splash Wave included now too

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