If Your Marketing Ain’t Working, Change It!

No one said marketing online was going to be easy. Sometimes, when things aren’t working, it may feel like you are running in to a brick wall. One true thing can be said for anyone: If Your Marketing Ain’t Working, Change It!

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The Subject Line: When you are marketing via safelists and viral mailers, you have a limited opportunity to grab the viewers attention. Your title or subject line is the first thing a potential prospect will see. This is your first chance to peak curiosity in the viewer. Don’t fall in love with a subject line. If you see your click thru rate has decreased or if you just want to make it increase, experiment with different subject lines. Leave your text body and your target page the same and see what happens when you only change the subject line. By experimenting with the subject line, you have changed a simple part of your ad campaign which may dramatically change your results.

The Target Page: Your email campaign leads to a landing or target page. This is the page the prospect will see when they click the link in your email ad. This is your sink or swim moment so make sure you are sending the prospect to a page which conveys the message you are trying to get across. If you feel you are not getting the signs ups you should be getting, this is the next area to change. You can change your target page several times until you find a page which is converting. Again, this is a simple change which may dramatically change your advertising results.

The Email Body: Finally, the email body is your message to the prospect. This is your opportunity to tell them about your product or program. Why should they join? What benefits will it give them if they do join? Why are you recommending this program? I, personally, like short and sweet emails but I know many marketers who claim to have great success with longer marketing emails. This is your personal preference but be sure to experiment with what works best for the product or service your are advertising.

These three features of email marketing should be changed regularly to keep your marketing fresh and increase your results. Remember, If Your Marketing Ain’t Working, Change It!

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