How To Build Your Affiliate Income In 2017: Part 2

In Part 1 of How To Build Your Affiliate Income in 2017, we discussed the first, and most important, decision you need to make which will allow you to focus on promoting your affiliate business. In part 2, we will discuss the importance of getting as much traffic to your affiliate link as possible. Plus, the importance of using a variety of resources so you will receive a variety of traffic.

Decision 2: How can I drive traffic to my affiliate link? Not only do you need a ton of traffic but you, also, need a variety of traffic to help your affiliate business grow. And, let me explain what I mean by a ton of traffic. I know when I first started marketing online I thought if I sent 100 hits to my affiliate link per day that I was doing great. WRONG! A ton of traffic means literally a ton of traffic. A ton = 2000 here in the USA and 2000 hits per day would be a good place to start. Are you starting to get the picture? We try to push 10k hits to our main affiliate url every day. It takes a lot of traffic to accomplish the goal of acquiring affiliate income. You may get referrals but gaining that one affiliate who “gets it”, like you do, takes a lot more work. Be prepared to drive thousands of hits to your affiliate link EVERY DAY!

Here is a list of sources we use to send traffic to our affiliate links:

Advertising Co-ops. (See Example Here): Ad Co-ops give you the ability to reach a wider variety of traffic sources than you would be able to reach on your own.

Banner Exchanges. (See Example Here): Banner Exchanges or Co-ops, like Ad Co-ops, give you the ability to reach a wider variety of traffic sources than you would be able to reach on your own.

Blogging. (You are reading a blog now): Blogging allows you to incorporate your knowledge and gain a following of like-minded individuals. When you give value to those who read your blog, they are more likely to join or buy products you recommend thus increasing your affiliate income.

Business Social Networks. (See Example Here) Business Social Networks give you the ability to advertise your affiliate links a variety of ways. You can use article marketing, forum marketing, or purchase ads which will reach business minded folks, like yourself.

Pay To Click Sites. (See Example Here): A PTC, as they are called, rewards the site members for viewing your ads. These type of members are looking to make a small amount of cash for completing a task.

Safelists / Mailers. (See Example Here): Safelists/Mailers are membership sites which allow each member to market their products to the other members of the site. This is a safe way to mail out your offers to other business minded affiliates.

Traffic Exchanges. (See Example Here): A traffic exchange is a membership site which sends traffic to your affiliate links by having other members of the site view your ad via surfing all ads in rotation. It’s the premise of “you view my ad and I will view yours”.

Above there are 7 resources you can use to help build traffic to your affiliate link. Of course, these are not the only ways to bring traffic to your sites but these are 7 resources that we personally use very often. Each of these resources provide value and a different type of traffic. The decision you will need to make is which resources you want to use to help drive traffic to your affiliate link to help build your affiliate income in 2017.



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8 Responses to How To Build Your Affiliate Income In 2017: Part 2

  1. I think one of the most misunderstood aspects of marketing is how many hits to a link are “enough.” It’s like you mentioned, we need thousands per day instead of hundreds.

    There are also some folks who swear by some forms of advertising and stay away from others. The important thing is knowing what is available and using what we are comfortable with and that works.

    Nice post!

    • How many hits are needed daily is a HUGE question. Really you need as many as it takes to gain income. But, if you are pushing 10k a day with no results, then you either need to change ad places or change your ad campaign.

  2. There are a multitude of places where you can promote your links, and I’m glad that you have added banner exchanges there too Cathy. Banners and texts are often forgotten, though from my tracking banners are an excellent method of advertising, perhaps because they can be used more widely. I love too that you have really explained that you need a huge amount of traffic to your links to make an impact.

  3. Tony Tezak says:

    I always get a kick out of folks who say if I don’t get results with 1000 views they’ll move on. I really doubt that your local car dealer or plumber who buy TV ads say Only show my ad to 1000 viewers. LOL! I want thousands and thousands of views of my traffic exchange every day. 🙂 Even though the views might not bring in new members every day, it does give the viewers a bit of a nudge – ‘maybe I ought to surf his TE.” It’s the reason I show our daily event on a splash page. “Hey come and surf TTP today! ” 🙂

    • Good analogy Tony. You would want those TV ads to hit as many viewers as possible. That is why Super Bowl Ads are so expensive. The most watched event of the year. Great insight. Thank you sir.

  4. Adel Elassy says:

    Nice smart blog,you nominated classical resources of advertisements but I have 2 painful headaches:
    1-How do I get sign ups if everyone is promoting the same thing at the same resources?
    The solution is to fly from crowded planet to another new one but where is t?
    2-How can I turn sign ups into sales?
    People usually join :
    a-if they know and trust you so personal contact counts.
    b-you offer something in site owners win in this aspect.

    • Great questions Adel. I wish I had a magical formula for you to use but unfortunately you are correct: Competition for sign ups and sales is fierce. I would suggest developing a relationship with your personal list. If you can bring value to your list, then they will look for your recommendations on products. The hardest conversion may be turning that sign up into a SALE. And, we all want and need sales to create that affiliate income. Look for like minded folks and show them a system they can easily duplicate. Be a leader by “doing”. If you can manage that, then people will seek you out.

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