How Can You Make Your Traffic Exchange Stand Out?

As the owner of a traffic exchange, how can you make your traffic exchange stand out? The majority of owners use the same script so what will make your site different? What will make members want to surf your site? What will make members want to promote your site? What will make members want to upgrade at your site? These are the questions you should be asking yourself, as the owner.

Ask Yourself

The key to your site development is within you. What makes you spend money at other traffic exchanges? I can’t answer for you but I can tell you what makes us spend our money at other sites. Below is the list or reasons we spend money at other traffic exchanges.

  1. It delivers traffic. If a traffic exchange is delivering traffic, then it has an active membership base. We want those active members to see our ads. At traffic exchanges like these, we will purchase start pages or login spotlights. This gives us an insight in to how many members are surfing per day.
  2. We are going to promote the site. If we are going to promote a site, we will upgrade to earn a higher commission level. This just makes common sense. You want to make as much affiliate income as possible from your promotions.
  3. The site is a well established exchange with solid ownership. A well established traffic exchange will have a variety of members. We want to reach those members as often as possible. We will probably promote this exchange because we know they are in it for the long haul.
  4. It’s a bargain. Sometimes there are just bargains you can’t pass up. We think it through first and if we feel we will get any return on our investment, the we make the purchase.
  5. And finally. We like to reward unique traffic exchanges which are making the extra effort to be different. These sites may not be the hottest trend at the moment, but sometimes that owner is working the hardest of all.

Here are some real examples:

Example 1: AKH & KRM are having a KISS Sale- This is a great example of hitting a all points on our list which make us spend money. The sites involved deliver traffic. The sites involved we promote. The sites involved have well established owner. This KISS Sale is a true bargain. And, the sites involved have unique features we enjoy.

Example 2: Busy Freeway Traffic. The owner, Deb Hopkins, has not only created a traffic exchange but she has a vision to create much more. She is including Amazon Shopping, Coupon Clipping, Marketing Lessons, Your Clicks Help Others and more. Her traffic exchange is anything but ordinary. We like what we see at Busy Freeway Traffic.

Example 3: Traffic Speedway. Have you checked out Speedy lately? He’s got a brand new design with a brand new mascot! Not only that, Randy, the owner, has spent hours updating the members area to help you get more out of the site. This type of dedicated owner is something that stands out to us. Plus, you can count on receiving tons of traffic from Speedy. We have been happy members of Traffic Speedway for quite some time.

These are just three examples of sites which are standing out to us. Owner who are going above and beyond installing a standard script. What makes you spend money? Develop your exchange so that you, yourself would make a purchase.

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