Building Your Online Reputation

Everything you do online will contribute to building your online reputation. I’ve been working online since 2009 and when I look back at some of the mistakes I have made along the way it makes me cringe.

Today is one of those days that I am shaking my head at  myself. You see when I first started working online, I was told by the “leaders” (notice leaders is in quotes cause I don’t really think they were leaders) to make as many social contacts as possible and get your join link out there. Now in retrospect, I can see what a bad decision that was at the time. I have thousands of social networking connections whom I have never spoken with except to send them a “Hello, let’s connect and here is a link to look at.” DUMB DUMB DUMB! I am actually embarrassed by some of my early connection attempts. If you were one of them, I apologize now…….

But, with all the social mistakes I made, there was one thing I did correctly. I built a base of good content. Some of the content was blatant advertising but, for the most part, much of the content contained some good points. This part of my marketing history I feel I accomplished the goal of delivering interesting and helpful marketing tips. Much of this content is located at two social marketing networks: IMfaceplate and ApSense plus our other blog Turning Up The Heat.

Now days, there is Skype. Skype seems to dominate the social marketing networks. I believe because people like the instantaneous response time that Skype will dominate for a long time. I, personally, am in dozens of Skype rooms and have watched many folks have absolute melt downs ruining their online reputation with a few poorly chosen words or combative conversations. You should be constantly aware, your peers are watching and you are always building your online reputation.

If you would like to connect with Jolynn and myself, please join our JAC Traffic Skype Room.

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11 Responses to Building Your Online Reputation

  1. Paul Kinder says:

    and yet more good content cathy 🙂

    great advice. i remember using autofollow in twitter to build my following, madness! i just got deluged with loads of useless tweets i didn’t wanna read and nobody read mine either.

    as you’ve seen i’m almost exclusively focussed on skype now. several reasons, it’s all an experiment but i have a long-term plan behind what i’m doing right now and we’ll see how well it works.

    skype is just so personal and relaxed compared to the hectic world of social media. i just love it!

  2. Great post Caty:

    I recall my early training to NEVER include a sales link as that is spamming.

    Made it hard over the years to learn the difference but it pays off.

    Social media contacts are one thing but social media chats can be another. Some of the stuff I see posted there down right embarrasses me. Worse is when you have a family spreading their memes and gossip all over the net.

    I have made some great friends on social media and my following is growing. Far more than being able to say I really know all these people lol.

    Beware lol sometimes I think those ‘leaders’ are still out there looking for the naive.

    Great post and you are spot on. Reputation is everything, protect it at all costs.

    Have a super birthday!

  3. Deb says:

    I have been on line dabbling with affiliate marketing since the late 90s. I have come across to many to count leaders in the field(s). True leaders want to teach and help others grow and they do not speak in riddles when asking how to do something. I think one thing to be alert for are those so called leaders who are not straight forward, who answer you with riddles. Skype has been a very good platform for information sharing and as you said, people are watching so watch your fingers before posting anything.

    Pick your mentors wisely and make sure you are in a private chat when commenting, asking certain questions and or venting. You never know as Cathy has stated who is watching and reading. Blowing up in a public chat at people means burning bridges you may need down the line.

    It isn’t easy to separate the good leaders from the bad at first. I will say though if you find someone who is not straight forward and speaks in riddles/jibberish find a new mentor.

    As always Cathy, you are on the money.

  4. Adel Elassy says:

    I think to build online reputation needs the following:
    1-Regular and on time payout.
    2-Reply to support tickets and if quick would be great.
    3-Good reasons if the owner is going to change terms,policy.
    4-Honesty and be straight.
    5-Personal contact and be intimate is better.
    6-Apology if there are mistakes.

  5. DA says:

    A big part of social that is missed by many is blogs…
    There are many owners in the industry who have a company blog. How many times have you commented on any of them in the last month? Content is indeed king… no matter where it’s done…

    • I totally agree DA. Commenting on blogs is a HUGE opportunity that most people do not take advantage of because they think they don’t have anything important to say. Trust me, your comment does not have to be earth shattering to put your name on the social radar. Thanks for that great tip DA.

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