What Makes A Good Ad?

While building your online business, how can you determine What Makes A Good Ad? What appeals to one, may not appeal to others. The one ultimate Goal you want to achieve when creating your Advertising is to get the viewers to STOP and LOOK at your Ad. I imagine a little kid jumping up and down saying “Look at me, Look at me”. How can you create an Ad that will make viewers STOP and LOOK.


This is a simple, yet effective, way to get viewers to Stop and Look!


Not everyone has the same funny bone, but if you can tickle it, you have made an Ad which will get the viewer to Stop and Look.

The Awe Factor

Another sure way to get the viewer to Stop and Look, create an Ad with the Awe Factor.

Creating Ads for your product is an essential part of building your online business. Above you will find 3 techniques which can be used to get the viewer to STOP and LOOK at your Ads. Which is your favorite?

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8 Responses to What Makes A Good Ad?

  1. Thea Penders says:

    Hi Ladies,

    Realy like the new fancy colors of Splashwave, they grab attention for shure.

    But I love The Zaney splash, Norberts splashes are awesome.


  2. Great blog post and I have to admit that the orange is not one of my first choice when designing an ad but Ria did an awesome job on the Splash – making me rethink that color

  3. Oleg Mikhailov says:

    In my opinion, answer the question “Which of the techniques is your favorite?” it is impossible.
    It is the combination of all three techniques and the good taste of the creator that makes the ad impressive.
    Splash Wave made an excellent rebranding. I will try to use this experience in my work.
    Sincerely. Oleg.

  4. Owners push many $100’s or $1000’s in Advertising their exchanges.
    Many do look outdated.
    A Fresh Splash or 2, or Site Graphic Re-do, would probably be better money spent.
    Same Site, But Looks Brand New!

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