We All Got Lazy

Yesterday, there was a great conversation in one of the Skype rooms. This conversation had some great truths all through it.

Truth #1: “We all got lazy and aimed at getting a share of an ever-decreasing pie instead of trying to bake a bigger pie.”~ Paul Kinder

No truer words have been spoken lately. That is a great description of what happened in the Industry. That is why you kept seeing ad platforms being advertised inside other ad platforms with not much else in between. Everyone fighting for a little piece of a small pie. Perfect explanation.

Truth #2: Aim your advertising outside this pie to help grow the pie. Yes, this will require purchasing advertising, in many cases. The potential for growth can only be accomplished by reaching outside the inner circle. If you can’t afford to launch an expensive advertising campaign, then “advertise with bigger guys who you know do advertise outside”. Trust me we understanding having a limited budget. Use your advertising budget wisely. Nothing against smaller exchanges, everyone starts small. But, if you are thinking about growing your exchange, then you need to spend those advertising dollars at a larger pool of prospects.

Truth #3: “New owners gotta prove themselves not expect it given to them on a plate.”~ Paul Kinder

No one is given a free ride. No one. Every owner you see with a larger membership base has earned it by working hard every day. It amazes me when we get a support ticket from a new owner, most of the time someone we have never heard of, asking to exchange upgrades. Or, asking us to JV for them. Sorry, no free rides. Prove you are going to be here 2 years even a year from now and then we can talk. Harsh? Maybe. But, I know Jolynn and I did not expect any other owner to promote our sites. And, if one of them did, we felt honored.

The truth is we ALL need to stop being lazy. Us included. We ALL need to reach outside the pie and bring new members inside our niche. We ALL need to capitalize on the endless possibility of enormous growth. If you don’t want to spend a $1000 on an ad campaign, then spend a $100 with someone you know who is reaching outside the pie. As individuals, we can still grow together.


PS. Thanks Paul for some great quotes. 🙂

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10 Responses to We All Got Lazy

  1. Deb says:

    Lots of truth in that as it is a business. While the big P may have knocked the wind out of a lot of us, I think it is the catalyst that was needed to change the thinking about what traffic exchanges really want to offer those in cyber-land.

    I for one know that making changes at a year old site with a small membership base has hurt my te as far as the number surfing, but in some ways that is a good thing. I hate to use the word tire-kickers, (however I don’t have a better term than the one I learned over a decade ago doing affiliate marketing)…. It shows me that my initial ideas that I discarded to go for the quick way of building my membership was actually the way I should have gone.

    We need to start leading by example as owners and start spending our money more wisely. Instead of buying things for members to focus on I for one will start using that money for advertising outside of te land. Doesn’t mean I will stop using tes for advertising, just means I am going to add to it.

    My one question would be who do I go to, to advertise outside of the te realm? Only reason being knowing who to use would save money in the long run vs blindly using outside sources.

    Good article with lots of food for thought.

    • Catalyst is a perfect word, Deb. Many things Jolynn and I used to do we stopped. I admit it, we got lazy, too.
      Exploring outside advertising resources is something we are going to all be doing.
      Thanks for commenting.

  2. You know, a while back people like Jon Olson would talk about the fact that we should advertise “outside the box” ads instead of the same old advertising of other TEs, Safelists, etc. Not many seemed to be listening.

    You (and Paul) are right. We have become LAZY in this industry. Owners and users alike. We need to stop expecting free rides and stop advertising the same old stuff that everyone else is advertising. TE owners also need to do more advertising of their OWN TEs instead of expecting everyone else to do it (The guilty folks know who they are).

    Great post Catherine 🙂

    • Hi John,
      Many have preached about building our industry by using outside resources. Finding resources which produce results is the next challenge.
      Building our sites will always be our first goal. Building our downlines comes from back door advertising within our sites. (Some people have different opinions on this technique)
      Thanks for giving us your thoughts.

  3. Paul Kinder says:

    Thanks for the mentions Cathy 🙂

    Well you know I agree with all of that LOL If you don’t mind I’ll add a link here to the Skype Room. All are welcome to drop by and share their opinions…


  4. Great blog post Cathy. I think a lot of people need to think back to why they came to use these advertising platforms and I don’t believe it was to promote one inside each other. For me I was looking to advertise my direct sales business and got lost along the way. That was probably 5 years ago now and ventured onto a lot of other things, then when I returned online after having my youngest I fell in love with TE’s again and became an owner. Like you and Jo, I’ve never expected anyone to do the work for me – always put in the hardest effort myself. I read that skype room yesterday and it certainly got me thinking again how to venture outside my comfort zone.

    • I agree Leone, it may be time for some new splash pages with a new focus. It is so easy to get a little lost. To coast. To become lazy. It’s human nature to take the easy path. That conversation got my creative juices flowing again.
      We will be reaching outside our industry for advertising.
      I can’t wait to see what you come up with for your site.

  5. Excellent post and some great points have been made here and I’m one of the lazy owners here that got comfortable and stopped pushing. BUT that is about to change as I like all of you had a reason why I came to traffic exchanges and that was to find a new place to promote my products in my Ebay store at the time. So I agree that there is marketers out there looking for traffic, leads, someone to buy their products, etc – we just got to start catering to them.

    • I think looks brighter than it has in a long time. It is great to see so many owners revamping and re-focusing. I can’t wait to see what is accomplished in the next year.

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