The Numbers Don’t Lie

The recent launch of Tezzer Mail has induced a debate about joining a site during a launch. Some think the inflated activity will not last. Others think the launch activity is the best time to advertise at a site. Personally, I believe both of these things are true. The obvious inflated activity during a big promotional push will not last but the activity a new launch brings is a great time to get your ads in front of these joining members. And, the bottom line is this: The Numbers Don’t Lie…..

I will get to those numbers in a minute but first I want to describe the recent events of the Tezzer Mail launch. Imagine two big names in the advertising industry teaming up to launch a new advertising site. This is exactly what happened when Tony Tezak, a legend in the traffic exchange industry, and Robert Puddy, the co-owner of the LFM software, teamed up to launch a new advertising site. Tezzer Mail was born. Then, imagine those two guys using their contacts to bring together a launch team. Yep, you got it. There was excitement created in the advertising industry.

We are almost to those numbers……

Now, you may think to yourself, well I missed the launch day so there is no point in joining now. Sweet. I hope you continue to think that way. I mean Tony Tezak built a traffic exchange with over 100k members so the fact that there are 1100 members in his new advertising site probably means the site is done growing. At least, I hope you think that way and leave the remaining 98,900 prospective new referrals to us. 🙂

One more point before the truth in numbers……

There is no doubt activity is high when a site first launches. This launch buzz can last for days, weeks, or months. Active members who are opening their pocket books and entering a new advertising site are the EXACT members I want to see my ads. I want to get all the JAC Traffic sites ads in their faces as soon as possible. Activity means sales and sign ups!

Drum Roll Please………

The numbers don’t lie. In 2 & 1/2 days since the launching of Tezzer Mail, 41% of those joining as our referrals have spent money. Let me repeat that: 41% of our referrals have spent money since they joined Tezzer Mail. Maybe these two advertising legends do know a little thing or two about how to create a successful sales page.

Hey, you don’t want to join and promote, that is A-Okay with us! But, you should definitely join and get your ads in front of those active members who are eager to spend money. Well, that is just my opinion.

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10 Responses to The Numbers Don’t Lie

  1. Tony Tezak says:

    Very nice post indeed! Thanks for all the nice comments. We certainly are glad you are getting good results. Robert and I will do everything we can to keep it growing in the future!

  2. Klaus Biesel says:

    Well not all launches had those good numbers lately, but when i saw the settings inside and the team which runs tezzermail, it was one of those real no brainers. I know my ads are in good hands and my time promoting it isn’t going to the waste either.

    • I love that point Klaus. “my time promoting isn’t going to waste either.” Many sites have come and gone. I think these two guys are in it for the long haul. 🙂

  3. Great post, Cathy! I am one of your referrals and while I didn’t spend as much as I probably should have, I am in that number nonetheless. 🙂

  4. Very Impressive numbers Cathy!

  5. Ivon Velikova says:

    The first impression is more than exciting and this inevitably leads to success.
    Well-oriented, even for beginners.
    I am convinced that growth will not be just a sequential figure, but a sign of success and satisfaction on both sides, which is proven to work.

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