Email Marketing

A great way to generate targeted traffic to your website is through email marketing.  The saying “The Money Is In The List” still holds true in today’s marketing atmosphere.  Don’t panic– if you don’t have a list you can use other people’s lists to build your business.  We will show you how.

Email marketing through membership sites is an easy and efficient way to send your ads to possible prospects.  When you join an email marketing membership site, called a safelist or mailer, you agree to accept emails from the site’s members.  In return, you will be able to send your ads to other members of the site.  This is a free or very affordable way to participate in email marketing for advertisers who don’t have their own list.

Most safelists offer free memberships but may offer upgrade options that will give you additional benefits.  Normally free members are allowed to email their ads to a portion of the membership while upgraded members can mail more members more often.

The ability to bring more traffic to your website is essential to creating more opt-ins and sales.  Email marketing via safelists and viral mailers is a fantastic way to reach thousands of prospects.  There are hundreds of email marketing membership sites available for advertisers to use without spending the time it takes to build your own list.

The old saying is true:  “The Money IS In the List” – It just doesn’t have to be your own list anymore.  Utilize email marketing sites to create more traffic to your websites and build your business.