Introducing JAC Points

When Jolynn and I launched Hot Flash Hits over 5 years ago, we created Flash Points. These points were collected by surfing Hot Flash Hits. Flash Points could be traded for advertising or prizes. Even at that time, we had a vision for much more…………… Introducing JAC Points, the internal reward system across all JAC Traffic Sites.

TE Headquarters will become the marketing hub for all JAC Traffic products. We want to reward our members and we feel JAC Points are a way for us to give back to our most active and loyal members. By collecting JAC Points, you can trade them for advertising or prizes. Now, you will be able to collect points much faster because they will be available in a variety of ways. All prizes will be awarded through TE Headquarters, so if you are not a member you need to join so you can start collecting JAC Points.

You can earn and claim JAC Points in these ways:

  1. Make a purchase at any JAC Traffic Site. You will earn 10 JAC Points for every $1 spent on any of our sites.
  2.  Earn JAC Points by completing Daily Activity Tasks. Surf 131 pages at Hot Flash Hits, earn 5 JAC Points. Surf 131 pages at Splash-Wave, earn 5 JAC Points. Open 20 emails at Viral Safelist Mailer, earn 5 JAC Points. These particular JAC Points may be claimed once daily.
  3. Claim JAC Points by completing the surf task under the Daily Task Manager at TE Headquarters. Complete 1 Task, Claim 5 JAC Points. Complete 3 Tasks, Claim 25 JAC Points. Complete 6 Tasks, Claim 70 JAC Points.
  4. Claim JAC Points by completing the Hullabaloo. These JAC Points will be awarded randomly with other prizes in random amounts. There is no limit to the amount of times you can complete a Hullabaloo daily.

You can see how your JAC Points total will add up quickly. This new reward system is our way of giving back to our members.

To claim JAC Points, you will need to add your TE Headquarters username under the profile tab at each JAC Traffic Site. To claim prizes, you will need to add your user ID# under the JAC Points tab at TE Headquarters. It’s really cool how everything is linked together now.

Here is a list of the current JAC Traffic Sites. Start collecting those JAC Points, your prizes are waiting.

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4 Responses to Introducing JAC Points

  1. Hi,
    Will one still be able to earn cash as a free member to go towards their upgrade at TEHeadquarters for completing the Hullabaloo?

  2. Hi Maureen,
    The cash prizes are still available at TEHQ 🙂

  3. Adel Elassy says:

    Congrats for JAC points.
    I have noticed that my JAC points earned after completing HULLABALLO are not added to my JAC points though I added my ID at different JAC sites and my user name at TEHQ is added too.
    The only JAC points added is that while surfing at HFH and claimed them

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