Easily Increase Your Advertising Results With This Tip

Here is tip which will easily increase your advertising results: CHECK YOUR ADS! In today’s marketplace, a site you were promoting yesterday may be gone today. If you still have ads in rotation for a site which is no longer online you are waisting your hard earned advertising. Not only that, you are decreasing your advertising results by sending viewers to broken images or broken links.

BrokenImageHow many times have you run across a broken image? Once? Twice? I would venture to say it has been dozens of times. Most of the time an image like this means the previous link is not good because the site went offline. There are times when the advertiser added the image link incorrectly.  Either way, you are wasting your ads if you are using broken images or links.

It is important for each advertiser to keep updated on the programs they are promoting. In the online world, things change very quickly. You, the advertiser, must continue to monitor your personal advertising. An easy way to easily increase your advertising results is to send your advertising to ACTIVE images and links.

Hot Flash Hits

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Back To Advertising Basics

I remember when Jolynn and I launched our first advertising site, Hot Flash Hits. The year was 2011. We celebrated every small milestone. The first member. The first 100 members. The first sale. The first subscription. EVERYTHING! It was an exciting and fun time watching our baby grow. With the changes to payment processors, we were left with an unfortunate situation of having to cancel all our members subscriptions. This left us, one might say, back at square one. With many owners deciding to close their doors, Jolynn and I feel it is time to get Back To Advertising Basics.

Our first few months of opening Hot Flash Hits we offered only one external reward system. As our membership grew, we were able to offer more rewards to our members. Most businesses, when starting out, can not afford multiple monthly subscriptions. Running an online business is no different. First and primary is the server bill, you have to pay the server bill or you have no site. Second is member commissions, we want to keep our members happy by paying commissions on time every time. So basically, we are back to basics. The reward systems have always been meant to be a BONUS to our members. Last week we ran a poll asking our members which reward systems they enjoyed the most. As things move forward, we will get these reward systems back in place.

Getting back to advertising basics is a challenge we will embrace. We hope you will join us on this journey.

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” ~ John F. Kennedy

NOTE: As the majority of owners are adding Payza quickly to their sites as a payment processor, we recommend getting a Payza account now. In the future all JAC Traffic commissions will be paid through Payza.

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