Surprise! You Are List Building.

Any online marketer will tell you the importance of list building to grow your online business. Traffic exchange and mailer owners here is a big surprise, you are list building! This was one of the biggest realizations we had when we first launched Hot Flash Hits, our first membership site. We knew we wanted to gain new members every day but we didn’t realize those members were actually new names on our list. Once we did, boy did our marketing strategies change.

Membership Site List Building

As the owner of any type of membership site, you are constantly building your list. Every time you advertise your site and a new member joins, you have a new name on your list. What exactly is list building? List building is the process of gathering people’s contact information, in this case their email address. This allows you to contact them in the future with relative information and special offers. A membership site is the perfect venue for list building as it is extremely targeted as someone will only join your site if they are interested in what you have to offer your members.

Advantages of Membership Site List Building

Limitless Growth Potential: As a membership site owner, you have limitless growth potential.  There is no increase in fees when your list reaches X amount of names.

You Are In Control: You are in complete control of your list. Your list will always be your list and you will not lose your list if you miss a monthly payment.

Schedule Your Mailings: If you set up your membership site correctly, you will have the ability to schedule emails which can be broadcast to your members any time of day or night.

Beautiful Templates: You will have the ability to use beautiful templates to enhance the visual marketing effect of your emails.

Giving Something More: As a membership site list builder, you are giving your list something more. You are giving them an actual site to visit which, also, increases your ability to market to your list.


Nothing is more important to your online business success than your list. Value it. Cherish it. Treat it with respect. Try your best to only offer reputable recommendations with established track records. What is more important than the chance to make a few dollars is the relationship you build with your list.

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The Marketing Connection Done Right And Wrong

We all know the value of getting connections. Working with your peers in any niche can prove to be one of your most valuable assets. Recently, just this week, we were reminded there is a right and wrong way to make good connections. When someone asks me if I want the good news or the bad news first, I always go with the bad news. So, for this post we will discuss the wrong way first, followed by the right way to make marketing connections. (names have been changed to protect the guilty)

The Wrong Way:

Your are a site owner and you receive a support ticket. The support ticket has nothing to do with a support question but goes something like this: Hi, my  name is Stan and I am the owner of XYZhits. I love your traffic exchange and I am here to offer you the opportunity to trade upgrades. I will give you a Lifetime JV Upgrade if you will do the same for me at your site. Sincerely, Stan

How would you react to this support ticket? Firstly, a support ticket would not be my first choice in ways to contact the owner of a site. I would try email or Skype for personal connections. Secondly, if you have never heard of Stan or his site XYZhits, it would be nice to have more of an introduction. How long has the site been online? What is the current membership total. Many owners want to get even trades when it would be like trading a Corvette for a Pinto. Stan has instantly put a negative impression in your mind because he asked for something in his first contact with you.

The Right Way:

You receive a Skype request from someone you don’t know with a note that says: Hi, my name is Garth. I am the owner of ABChits. I hope we can connect. You happily accept the request because Garth hasn’t asked you for anything. Garth and you chat back a forth getting to know each other a little bit. Garth tells you he just opened a traffic exchange about 2 months ago and you get your first little bit of information about ABChits with no pressure to join. A week or two goes by and you feel like Garth really wanted to make a connection with no strings attached. You like Garth. Finally, Garth asks if you have any specials. He is looking to purchase some advertising and he is hoping you can offer a special deal for him. What just happened? Garth did marketing connections the right way. He didn’t ask for anything free. He didn’t ask for an even trade. He asked for a special price from one marketer to another. Garth gets a good deal!

In every situation, you are constantly developing your marketing connections. Remember the word “developing” in that sentence. Nothing happens over night. Nothing is given away for free. It takes work to develop marketing connections. But, once you do, the rewards will be a valuable asset for your future.

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