Do Traffic Exchanges Work?

Do Traffic Exchanges Work?  This question has been debated many times over the years. The obvious answer is: Yes they work, otherwise how could they still be online. According to Wikipedia: “Circa 1994 traffic exchanges moved from corporate intranets to the web.” So traffic exchanges, in one form or another, have been on the web since 1994.

Now, I know what you are thinking. We are traffic exchange owners, of course we are gonna say they work. But, it isn’t that simple. As an owner of a traffic exchange, we are developing a membership site which delivers traffic to advertisers. How this membership site works for us, as owners, is different than how it works for each of our individual members. So, we did a test.

Advertising Test

We picked a website which has been online since 2009 and decided to put ads in rotation at our two traffic exchanges, Hot Flash Hits and Splash-Wave, with no other type of advertising. No mailings. No blog posts. No social media campaigns. No membership announcement letters. No special built ad pages. Nothing but surfing traffic sent to the affiliate pages and banners which were provided by the website of choice.

I want to point out, again, this was not a new launch. We were advertising a site which has been online since 2009. That’s a 9 year old site. Take a look at the results:

4 referrals since we started this advertising campaign. I have to tell you I am pretty stoked about these results! 4 brand new referrals to a 9 year old site in a 2 week time span. And, from the results of this test, it looks like week 2 was much stronger. This could mean surfers were viewing the ad for a 3rd or 4th or 10th time before they decided to join up.

What Did We Learn?

Using a our own traffic exchanges just like any member can do, we learned that you can get referrals to established websites. We learned that repetition of advertising seems to be a key component. We learned that YES, TRAFFIC EXCHANGES DO WORK!

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Focus On The Future – Shake It Up

Focus on the Future

It’s never too late or too early to Focus on the Future. If you are an affiliate marketer or a website owner, what goals do you have for your future? It’s the beginning of March and most people set their goals back in January and have already forgotten them.

We have decided to shake thing up here at JAC Traffic Products. We are lazer focused on the future of the JAC Traffic Sites and we want our members to reap the benefits. Here are just a few items we have checked off our “to do” list.

1. Complete face lift at Splash-Wave. New site design with new affiliate tools.

2. New affiliate tools at Hot Flash Hits.

3. New affiliate tools at Viral Safelist Mailer. Development of different membership levels to meet your individual marketing needs.

4. Complete make over of Simple Mailer Basics Ebook. Complete over haul of the sites inside the DownLine Builder Section of Simple Mail Builder.

5. Updated the Top Recommended sites inside TE Headquarters.

The last year has been a whirlwind of ups and downs for Jolynn and me. We appreciate all our active members. We want our members to know we have our Focus on the Future!  With that said, I will close with my favorite saying:

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